Compressor spares

Compressor Spares

As specialists in the remanufacture of all makes of compressors our spare parts network is vast.

Whether you require gaskets, shaft seals, crankcase heaters, or mechanical components we are only a phone call away!



We also sell NEW COMPRESSORS at very competitive prices.

With our intense knowledge of the industry we feel we have a service and a solution to meet all of your compressor needs.

  • Aces 056
  • Aces 059
  • P1010147

We also stock all types of compressor protection modules and are the nominated UK partner for Kriwan global leaders in compressor sensors and electronics. Special oils are also available on request.

The Following Compressor Oils along with similar, aftermarket equivalents can be supplied. For more details of options, prices and delivery just call us on 01865 891 522

Bitzer 5.2 CPI Solest 120 Maneurop 160P Trane 042
Bitzer BSE 170 CPI Solest 170 Maneurop 160PZ Trane 043
bitzer BSE 32 CPI Solest 220 Mobil 22CC Trane 045
Bitzer BSE 55 CPI Solest 370 Reniso KC68 York type D
Castrol Icematic 266 CPI Solest 68 Reniso KM32 York type E
Castrol Icematic 299 Danfoss 160P Solest 170 York type F
Castrol Icematic SW20 Danfoss 160PZ Trane 015 York type l
Castrol Icematic SW68 Danfoss 160SZ Trane 031 York type S